The Women Men Adore Review – Truth Behind What Men Secretly Want

Post written by Katy Lorraine Beckett
Program on The Women Men Adore and never want to leave

The reason why I needed to understand what men secretly want

My long journey with men has been a road of up’s and down’s, from the interestingly reserved to the mysteriously eccentric. I’ve always identified the type of men I like and fortunately I have always met them.

However, although some have led to longer relationships than others, I have always somehow ended up with the same unfortunate outcome.

I had noticed a similar pattern and it led me to believe that although the men involved tended to be really into the relationship at the beginning, they would always somehow fade as time went by. I used to think it was simply them and their commitment phobia.

However, what I had noticed is that the issue may have lied with me and it seemed deeper than I imagined which to be honest left me quite lost.

In order to combat this, I had to seek some help from a variety of relationship programs and books which led me to the ‘The Woman Men Adore’. It was clear and simple to me, make myself irresistible and let’s see if the pattern continues with my relationships. If I could simply understand what men secretly want long term, then I believe I could get what I wanted.

In this review on ‘The Woman Men Adore’, it is my aim to give you a thorough review as to whether this program will provide you with valuable takeaway information that can work based on my experiences and outcomes.

About the ‘The Woman Men Adore’

The key elements of this program are to demystify the usual ideologies of relationships and men by building a more focused understanding of men and their desires.

The long-term strategy of this program wants readers to be confident, true to themselves and be open to methods and techniques (such as the mind heart connection and the Campfire effect psychology) to achieve your goal.

Finding out what men really want
The author Bob Grant who has been a licensed counselor for over 25 years. Bob’s specialty is helping women understand how men think so they know what to do to make sure a man stays devoted to them for as long as they want.

It covers areas which can prove quite intimidating at first glance, if like me you can dip in-between high and low self-confidence.

Key areas covered in this program:

• How to capture a man’s emotional needs as oppose to his physical needs so it bonds both of you closer than before

• Eliminating myths to ‘please’ men – what Bob Grant likes to call the ‘Giving Pit’

• How to make women stronger by teaching the mind-heart connection which produces the Campfire Effect psychology

• The secrets behind desire and how to control the environment such as tension, willingness and communication in your relationship

• How to grab the long-term attention of a man without worrying about your circumstances

• What men need to fall in love and how its not exactly what you are saying but how you’re projecting your message that will get you what you desire

• The do’s and don’ts when trying to maintain the spark in your relationship and what unique ways you can continuously make your man desire you as if it’s the beginning of your relationship again all whilst staying true to yourself

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Good things on The Woman Men Adore

• It helped me with a foundation that at first meant I needed to almost forget a lot of what I thought I knew. Like me, I think it will help women realise that although we should always express how we feel we also need to be mindful of what we are showing and the ways in which we show it.

• Women are a lot more in tune with their emotional needs. However, men naturally aren’t which means if we are able to obtain what their emotional needs are and understand that, it will build a far greater bond which would get rid of that short-term perspective which used to be so evident in my relationships. I personally felt this helped with me understanding where there are subconsciousness signs a man likes you

• What I also found very useful was the empowerment it gave me and the confidence to feel like I am in control. Not to be confused with controlling the relationship but to feel confident.

I would say I have become so much clearer on how to get what I want that the thought of not finding the man who wants me long term is no longer a fear.

Good things on The Woman Men Adore

• I think a natural thing a woman tends to feel is unappreciated in relationships and I genuinely cannot think of a more disheartening thing to feel when you feel you have given so much to that person.

Before getting into this, if you had told me holding back and timing were critical I would have dismissed you, as relationships should flow. However, I have learnt the importance of a give and take technique given by Bob Grant, who does do a good job of giving guidance on how to time this for success and manage expectations.

• I enjoyed the content around the campfire effect. The analogy of a relationship and a fire really connected with me and I feel as if in the past this is where I have let myself down. By not adding the right fuel to my relationships I have not kept that fire going. Bob does do a good job of hitting home with this and I feel although at a point it was obvious understanding it from a man’s perspective made me see the bigger picture.

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Bad things on The Woman Men Adore

• Whilst I was always captured by the content, method and techniques I did find the jargon at times a bit over my head

• The style of writing is fast paced and with it comes a lot of information. Make no mistake about it you may need a pen and paper to ensure you give yourself the best chances of success.

• My worry with this program was that I may create a relationship that works well for me, but manufacture a relationship as oppose to letting it develop freely

Closing thoughts

• Do I think this program is worth it? I will have to say yes, I do. My rationale behind it is simply the changes I have seen in the way I now position myself in my views and my approach.

My desire to make changes so that men find me more desirable long term and the greater control in the way I behave has helped me with my mentality and to be brutally honest, it’s made me happier.

• I would recommend this to women who are either dating, single or married. I think regardless of your approach to relationships you will pick up a lot of good material in the program.

Whilst it does focus on the mentality of a man it also makes you dig deeper within yourself where you must learn to see yourself as a confident woman and only then everything else falls into place.

• I think what else makes it quite insightful is that the program is written from the perspective of men for women.

Understandably men might feel slightly aggrieved as its unfolding the dynamics of men, but I think it’s a pleasant surprise to understand first-hand what the subconsciousness signs that show what men secretly want.

Creating a successful relationship using the campfire effect

• From a price perspective, I find the price to be fairly reasonable and considering Bob Grant charges over a $100 for a one to one session this program could prove to be one of those bargain buys which will you will always remember not only for the value but for the content it provided you as the material is an accumulation of knowledge of over 20 years.

• Whilst I do think it is a difficult start for any women to begin reading I feel very positive after reading it and I have put a few things into practice and at first it was scary to implement I have begun to do it as second nature. As with all things you need to invest in yourself and I find this to be a pretty good investment.

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What do you get for the program?

Cost of program: $47.00

Number of Modules: Five (Listed below)

1. The 1 Critical Emotion Men Need To Fall In Love
2. His Deepest Desire In A Woman
3. What to expect in the coming Days – The Transformation Process
4. Simple Changes That Trigger Arousal In a Man
5. Your Dream Comes True – He’ll Cherish You Always
Membership: Optional. You may enter for a free 30-day trial when purchasing the program, which will then be charged at $39 per month if you wish to stay a member. Access to weekly videos that contain Bob Grant’s latest relationship-boosting techniques, asking questions to Bob Grant as well as be a part of a special community of women in our members only forums where you can ask questions

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